Original Art by Mike Sackett

Richly-detailed pen and ink drawings by award-winning book illustrator, Mike Sackett make the perfect gift for any occasion. Limited edition prints suitable for framing are available on 11" x 17" sixty pound stock paper for only $25, plus shipping and handling. Price includes an adhesive label with description of the piece which can be affixed to your matting.

Mike will also create an original drawing of your home from your favorite photographs for as little as $295, plus shipping and handling. A portion of each commission is donated to Partners In Conservation. The perfect gift for housewarmings, anniversaries or the holidays.

Call Mike at
410 409 5559 or email him at sackettmike4@gmail.com to reserve your order today. Allow ten days after receipt of photographs for completion of your drawing.


Murphy's Pub

In the west of Ireland, sunlight glinting from the choppy waters of Dingle Bay burns through the haze of an afternoon shower. The glare is softened by a pint of bitters drunk slow with bangers and a slab of buttered brown bread. Nearby, a fire-engine red trawler lowers nets bulging with fresh caught mackerel as a green grocer rinses his lettuces on the sidewalk. Once the meal is finished and coins left on the bar, a rainbow too bright to be real serves free dessert to the soul.



Oak Brook Grist Mill

Corn was the staff of life for pioneer America. More easily grown than wheat on the wind-swept plains, ears of yellow dent were ground into meal by millers like Frederick Graue who built his mill in 1852 just outside Chicago. Places like these were cathedrals to my grandfather, Gus, himself a master millwright in the late 19th century. Gus knew by heart the hymns of wooden gears and rumbling buhrstones, singing of corn pone and steaming griddle cakes gracing his table




The village of Mougin in the south of France is a world apart. A stroll through its narrow, cobbled streets carry the scents of crusty, freshly-baked bread mingled with flowers and mint hanging from the window boxes. Water trickling from a mossy fountain in the village square and the cool breeze of a September evening rustling the checkered tablecloths of a sidewalk cafe' speak of life as it should be.


The Ghost of Glen Ellen

Deep in Maryland's Loch Raven woods lay the ruins of Glen Ellen Castle, birthplace of notorious Confederate raider, Harry Gilmore, whose daring sorties into Baltimore county terrorized local residents. Shot in the face and imprisoned, Colonel Gilmore recovered, returning to Glen Ellen after the South's surrender. Legend says his ghost still roams the hills and woods of Raven's Head, his parents' estate that gave Loch Raven its name. Some say the autumn wind whistling across the loch is colonel Gilmore, calling for his coal-black steed.


Littlecote House



Log Cabin



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